Aromatic Spanish Lavender Collection
Collection de lanvande espagnole aromatique

Showy blooms with a delightful fragrance! Spanish lavender is also known as French lavender and this collection of varieties are compact growers. The evergreen grey tinged foliage is topped with vibrant pink and purple blooms all summer long. Plant these in your mixed borders and containers for great summer colour and fragrance.

A collection of top performing lavenders that are easy to grow. These lavenders are hardy to zone 6, so they may need to be protected in the winter season.

Planting Information / Information Sur La Plantation

These varieties are shipped as growing plants in 4″ pots. They are just breaking dormancy and growing ‘starter’ plants. They should be stored in a frost free location until the ground is workable and ready to plant. As these are live growing plants, you need to water them when they first arrive and until you are ready to plant. 

To maintain the highest possible quality, these potted grasses will be shipped after April 23rd, 2020 and will arrive within 7-10 business days. Shipping will be subject to and dependent upon suitable weather conditions. 

  • 6 Plants
  • Plant Type: Shrub
  • Use: Ornamental
  • Deer Resistant: Yes
  • Hardiness Zone: 6-9
  • Planting Time: Spring to Early Summer
  • Blooming Time: Summer through Fall
  • Where to Plant: Full Sun
  • Potential Space Coverage: 06m x 1.0m bed (2ft x 4ft bed)
  • Complete Planting and Care instructions will be included
  • 6 Plants
  • Type de plante:
  • Utilisation: décoratives
  • Zone de rusticité: 6 à 9
  • Période de plantation:
  • Période de floraison:
  • Peut couvrir une platebande d’environ: 0,6 m × 1 m (2 pi × 4 pi)
  • Instructions de plantation et d’entretien comprises

Planting Instructions / Instructions De Plantation

Aromatic Spanish Lavender Collection image only


Aromatic Spanish Lavender Collection
Lavendula ‘The Princess’
Lavendula ‘Anouk Purple Queen’
Lavendula  ‘Anouk Dark Purple’

Contenu ou accessoires:
Lavande ‘The Princess’
Lavande ‘Anouk Purple Crown’
Lavande  ‘Anouk Dark Purple’

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